Sunday, July 5, 2009

Past few days

Sorry, I haven't been on the blogging scene lately. Comments, posting and reading. Been busy lately and kinda out of it. But if you are really interested in to my status and what I've been up to, you guys can follow me on twitter. I've been tweeting alot lately, so you my followers can keep an update on me. I suggest you guys not to mobile follow though because I do update alot. Here is the link to my page (

So a family emergency popped out of no where on Thursday and it kinda shook my world. Everything seems to be better now which is a good thing. This kinda taught me not to take anything for granted because I could have lost someone real important to me. Thankfully, that person is safe now. But seriously, I have not been taking things for granted all my life. Second chance opportunities, advice, incentives, gifts, everything. Kinda of a crazy start to the summer since it was the day right after I got out of class. :/

So it was nice to hear that everything was going fine and that everything was scheduled to be alright. I was worried as hell on friday. I couldn't think for hours. Coudln't sleep for hours. Couldn't get my head straight. When I got home that day, things started to look good and I was finally to get my head straight. This was a good sign because the next day was Independence day and I could have fun knowing that everything will be alright.

Finally, July 4th. I was looking foward to that day all week. Been going to class, worrying and staying at home all week so I was looking forward to having some fun. Woke up early and took the train to Chinatown. Met up with Simon and Zhi. Headed to Tony's place for a BBQ .OMG, the food was delicious and plentiful. I had so many burgers, hotdogs, chicken wings, sausages and drinks. After stuffing ourselves with food we decided to head to the pond. We took a small boat to fish at the pond. It was Tony, his father, Teddy, Simon and myself all on one boat. It didn't feel scary at all. Unfortunately, we didn't catch anything but plants. Even thought we didn't catch anything, the scenery was absolutely beautiful. Perfect blue skies. White puffy clouds. Sea blue water. Its like something you will see in a movie but in real life. So after our failed attempt at fishing we went back to Tony's place. Chilled for a bit and head to Castle Island to meet up with a few friends. Played around the playground and walk on that bridge.Didn't stay for long.After our departure from Castle Island we went to grab a bite at chinatown and went back to Tony's place to grab some fireworks. We went to _______ to light them shits off. Shit was fire! We actually came back to ________ to light some more later that night. When we finished it was 3 am. We headed back to Tony's place to grab a few drinks and spent the night there. Played some games, poker and 360

Today, was just as good. Woke up in the morning with no hangover. :D, so we kinda woke up around noon. Tony took us to Pho. Ordered some nice Bun. After eating, we went fishing again. Yes, but this time we took a real big boat. It was real big. Kinda got sea sick :/. Oh well, atleast I didnt throw up. LOL!!! So instead of going on the boat I slept and texted on shore. Pretty relaxing. Went home after.

Thank god this weekend was enjoyable. This weekend was just what I needed.


  1. its good to hear that you guys had such a great time on the fourth of july lol, something that was needed to get your mind clear

  2. had a lot of fun Lawrence haha

    who's Teddy?

    stop drinking fool

  3. Yeah I had lots of fun.

    Teddy is one of Tony's friend who I met over the weekend.

    Seriously, I need to stop