Sunday, July 12, 2009

The One

I haven't posted up any music videos in a while. Saw this video over Elitaste's blog and I simply loved the song and video.. Anyways, I've been eating a lot of thai food lately and I've been ordering the same thing. Indonesian Fried rice, Indonesian Fried Rice, Indonesian Fried Rice. I need to try some other stuff. Went to the New Rod Dee's over Brookline. The food and ice coffee was terrific but what was uprising was the appearance of the restaurant. Even though, its still a fast food restaurant it looked really nice. I wish I took pics but my cell phone camera sucks :/. Well anyways, hope you guys enjoy this beautiful summer day. Time to finish cleaning my room.
Oh by the way, Entourage premieres tonight!!!

Entourage was awesome. I love the women on Entourage.


  1. the Thai restaurant is called New Rod Dee's ?

  2. whoaa the word ice coffee popped out at me, going to make some now.