Saturday, May 2, 2009

We Major

It is about damn time that this shit is all over. SATS are out of head for the next few weeks. But whats it even more important is that the Celtics v Bull NBA Playoff series is over. OVER! 7 games. so many overtimes. so many day staying up late watching the game. I can finally say good bye to those (hopefully). Definitely in a good mood right now. Sure, my love life like most of yours still sucks but it is all good cause I am not worrying about that right now. I just want to relax and just chill. I still have a few more exams left but it is all good. Yah feel me? I just wanted to express my joy and happiness to you guys since most of my recent entries have been gloomy and sad.

We (me+Celtics) major!


  1. omg basketball lol..
    but YEAH FINALLY WE ARE DONE. well not yet

  2. so..we won? LMAOO i don't follow well, sorry LOL! :D if we did, YAYYY! this is why i don't play bball LOL!

    yes definitely, i'm so glad SAT I's are finally out of my hair! yeahh you're right, i kinda worried for nothing lol. surprisingly i didn't freak out or something lol. so yuppp, keep those happy entries coming XD

  3. btw, you stole my picture on the right LOL! -->

  4. Yup. Thanks for the picture Jennifer :]

  5. youre profile picture is not that cute lol but that picture on the right of your triangle is pretty nice, finally you have something of your triangle. lol