Friday, May 8, 2009

A Tale of Two Cities!

Truly, one day I will never forget. Went to school in the morning to take my AP History Exam. I had to get to school around 7 so I can get breakfast. Had a bagel with eggs,cheese and bacon. Yum. Chilled in class til 8 and then we left to go to our testing room. Holy shit that room is cold. I think it was Dowling or whatever. Well the test wasn't too bad. People were complaining of the Multiple Choice, but it didn't seem that bad. I was kinda pissed that they didn't really touch upon the Vietnam War, Space Race, Korean War or Ronald Regan. Actually, I do not remember seeing a multiple choice question that covers that. As for the DBQ, it seemed like everyone did good. I am not allowed to talk about the Essays but it was random and was indeed really controversial. The other two essays were straight forward and easy. So after the exam, the class just chilled in Kaz's room until dismissal.

After school, the guys went to Zhi's place to play poker and chill. While the guys were playing Halo, I stayed in the kitchen and cooked them dumplings. Not really cooking, it was just boiling and frying. It was pretty good. Went home kinda early so I can get ready for the WALE concert.

Went home, took a shower and played some Xbox. Left my house around 7:20, to go to the show. I didn't bring my camera sadly since I didn't feeling like bringing a bag to carry it. But I can insure you that the show was indeed good. Maybe, I hyped it up too much but I sure had a fun time. The music, the crowd, the atmosphere all added up to a nice time. But the highlight of the day was when I was waiting in line for the show, Wale and his Manager noticed that I had the WALExURBxDMV fitted on. They came over and we chatted a bit. I was like totally freaking out but it was all cool. We just chatted about caps,sports, sneakers and like stuff. The show ended around 10 something and I got picked up. It was definitely worth the wait.

I've got to say that this week felt so slow. Monday felt like two days. Tuesday felt like Thursday. Wednesday felt like a Friday. And Thursday felt like another two days. Glad today wasn't too bad.


  1. today felt like 4 days. loll

    okay not really... maybe 3..

    but anyway, arent you glad youre done with the history exam?? lmaoo
    and im glad you went out afterwards to enjoy yourself.

  2. wow history seems so easy... one down, one more to go! LOL. curse my two-APs-in-a-row! D:

    you probably did well lol. Kaz trained you guys well :]