Thursday, May 7, 2009

Close to the Finish Line (1/2)

It is so damn close but yet it feels so far. I guess one of the reason why it feels so far is because I have not yet come to realize that its May. Like its May already. Time sure does fly by when you are having fun. Like, I had so much fun this school year. Not necessarily meeting new people but like just hanging out with friends. I feel like I've got caught in the spur of the moment this year. So caught up that I haven't realized how fast time flew by. The reason that I decided to write today is because I have an AP Exam tomorrow for United States History. I am so close to the finish line. When my teacher said "that we're almost done", I couldn't help but to think about the beginning of the school year. Couldn't help to realize how fast this school year went. Couldn't help to think how much fun I had. Okay, I am starting to talk nonsense. But please allow me to say a few things before I end this entry.

First thing is that want to wish everyone good luck for their upcoming exams. And also I want to thank everyone who helped me this year. Academically, emotionally or socially. Even though we are not done with school yet, I just feel the need to thank you guys and girls for helping me out.


  1. aww you have your exam tomorrow.
    and lol time flies when you have fun. it's a good thing. we are gonna be seniors. ima be sad though

  2. i hope you did good today!! :D