Thursday, May 28, 2009

$tack that Cheese

After a lonely day 1, day 2 was pretty much the same. Well lets just say kinda the same. I spent the morning looking for some books, essays and resources for my History research paper. I actually enjoyed Sneil Library. It was so nice and peaceful. The resources were so great and the librarians were so helpful. After Sneil, I went to the library in Copley. Oh, how I hate Copley Library. The resources aren't as good. The librarians are mean as hell. And the old book smell is nasty. I wanted to get the hell out of there asap. When I left the library, I realized it was still 12. I didn't wanna go home just yet, so I roamed around newbury street. AND GUESS WHAT I FOUND at XSQUARED. FOUND THESE BEAUTIES!
I LOVE THE GRIFFEYS. Anyways, going on with my day. I continued walking around Newbury Street. Stopped by Niketown. Tried on some basketball sneakers. Kobe IVs, Hyperdunks, Jordan 2009 and the new DMPS. Surprised they still had them. Meh, thats enough with the sneakers. I continued walking down Newbury Streets. Stoped by Johhny CupCakes, Urban Outfitters, Bodegas and lastly Best Buy. BestBuy was like completely empty so I was free to watch television. Watched the ESPN spelling bee competition and played videogames. Yes, I was that bored. Bestbuy actually killed alot of time. Before I knew it, it was already 2. Went to meet up with Trung and Ve at Chinatown to eat the the New DK. I guess it wasn't bad. The portions looked like it got smaller but it is all good. After eating, we tried to shake off the people that were following us :X. But seriously, I hate people when they always follow you and stuff. Well, I used to be okay with it because the more the merrier right? But as of lately, I just hate it when people just tag along seeming that they were invited or something. I'll rant about it later. So after numerous attempts to shake them off, we finally were able to be alone at last. We decided to chill at Ve's place for a bit. Stayed there and play Madden with Simon. After Maden, I was kinda tired so I layed down for a bit while the others were playing computer games. That was when I decided to leave cause I kinda felt left out. Went home and talked to my brother. He told me that I can get a job this summer. The problem is that I am not 100% sure that if I can find a job. Okay, that was my day. Time to watch some LBJ!

P.S: Do you guys like how I did the pictures today or do you like them at the end?

I think I posted this video before, but I love this song. It was in my head the all of yesterday and today. STACK THAT CHEESE.

seriously I need start stacking that cheese
Nevermind that, bought another pair of vans with some left over tax return money.


  1. lmao so you went to the library because of your research paper?
    i'm not even bothered with school now. but i have so much to do. so take a chill pill

    and i guess i like how you did the pictures today. but then it's easier to read if it's not inside the text. idk, idc

    anyway don't feel left out. lol

  2. aww i didnt mean to leave you out! im sorry :(

    but yeah i like how you put some pictures up, makes me have a more visual of your day haha