Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial day Weekend

I am pretty sure that I'll be hanging out later today so I might update later on. But as for the last few days, it sure has been real hectic. Lets start with Friday. Alot of the kids were absent due to SR. Skip day and kids being sick these days. Actually, a few of my teachers were sick too. SCORE! After school, I dropped by Zhi's place to play some Nintendo DS w/ Dustin. Stayed there till 5. Tony came to pick us up there along with Ni and My. Tony drove us all to OB to watch the Asian Night performances. Some of the performances were good as for others, they were just bad. But good job Jennifer and Trung. After the show, Triangle Offense + Jennifer went to Allston. Picked up some stuff for Saturday and ate some food. Went to go back to Zhi's place later and chilled.

Saturday was a good and bad day for me. Went to Zhi's place around 1 to chill. Played Nintendo Ds for a bit and then Dustin and I went to hit the basketball courts. There we met up with Jiafa, to play some 3v3 agaisnt these kids. We won both games and they wanted another. We decided not to play another game since I was getting tired. Instead, Dustin and I went back to Zhi's place to get shit started. People started to come over around 6:30ish. We started with some pong and just stuck with pong. The stuff I got friday wasn't enough so we had to get some more. Now, we have tons of left over. But, it wasn't that, that effed me up,it was the harder stuff. The redbull bombs and other shots that really effed me up. I do not remember a single thing for the second half of the party. The only thing I remembered was that I was sleeping on the top bunk since I was staying over Zhi's because I didn't wanna go home feeling like shit.

Sunday wasn't too bad. I woke up and had some McDonalds breakfast. I love hashbrowns. Waited for Tony to come by and he drove me home. Thank god, because I did not wanna take the train. At home, I took a long nap and then helped my brothers cook dinner. Had some meatloaf and potatoes. Did some homework while waiting for the meatloaf to heat up. Still have alot to do. But pretty much my whole day. Wasn't too bad.

Lazy as hell today. Stayed home and took a long ass nap. But it got me thinking about stuff that happened over the weekend. Realized that I needa just forget shit that happened. Well other than that I got alot of my school work done. Finished my history Brochure and my work cited page for my research paper. Still needa work on my English homework but its easy stuff. Productive day? I wouldn't say so. Stayed home, slept and ate. Didn't really do much work until late. Could have done way more. Oh well. There was nothing to do today.


  1. awww cute, you slept over his house.
    i hope you guys didnt have orgies or anything

    and MCD for breakfast is not good. the hashbrowns are good though. haha

    you had a nice weekend. that's good

  2. nice productive weekend, mine is pretty boring but i did get my rest i think. i celebrated my mom's birthday and stuffs.