Wednesday, May 13, 2009

At Last!

Free at last! Today was my AP English Exam and was the last exam for the year. I AM DONE WITH AP. Well almost, I think both Kaz and Tsoutsis still have some assignments but nothing too big.

I would like to say that it truly has been a good year. I learned so much, met so many people, got to know so many people and had so much fun! Sure, the work was tough but was truly rewarding! As for the exam today, I don't think I did that bad. I love the synthesis question and the argument but darn these rhetorical analysis and multiple choice!

After the exam, the class just chilled in Kaz's class. Didn't do much. Congratulated each other, ate pizza and talked. Went to Zhi's after school to chill. Actually, I've been chilling at Zhi's place alot lately. Today was no different. Played some Poker and Mario Kart Ds. Oh man, I love playing Mario Kart with friends. Much fun! Probably goona ball up tomorrow!

Oh, for those who didn't watch the game last night. It was a real good game. Well the 4th quarter was good. I swear, the NBA got it right this year with their playoff slogan. "Where Amazing Happens" cause it is truly where Amazing happens. Jesus Shuttlesworth aka Ray Allen came through once again to knock down the pivotal 4th quarter shot. And since exams are over, I am able to stay up late for the remainder of the playoffs. Wohoo! I actually want to get some playoff tickets for either game 7 or next round. I would love to experience playoff seats. Jesus Shuttlesworh after shooting the lead changing shot in the 4th quater. Pic provided by

Oh man, the good news keep on coming. Parents will be out all next week. That means the house is goona be only occupied by me and my brothers. Awesome!

One last thought before I end this. I just want to thank once again for those who supported, helped and experienced this year with me. I know it has been different and tough for me and I just want to thank those who just helped. Free At Last!

Kanye west and Dj Class - Im the ish! remix

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  1. congrats on finishing a well year. im sure you did awesome on your APs since you were beasting in studying lol. im looking forward to seeing you come back for volleyball next year? we'll practice over summer and stuff :]

    but FML means f_ck my life. lol....