Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nordstrom (Rack) + Weekend.

I would have to say that this weekend was kind of a disappointment. Friday, I pretty much stayed home most of the day. I eventually did go out to get my purple vans. Other than that, pretty dull day.
Saturday was a little bit better. I went to Nordstrom Rack (because we are too cheap to go to Nordstrom) with Roger, Stephen, his girlfriend and Marina. They gave bitch seat in the car. -.-. Nordstrom Rack had some nice jeans but didn't really want to get them. Instead I got some dress shoe. After my visit to Nordstrom Rack, my brother dropped me off in Chinatown. Walked around, got something to eat and looked at jeans since I didn't get any jeans at Nordstrom Rack. I actually found a pair of 501 shrink to fits so I decided to buy. After my purchase I pretty much walked around. Saw Andrew P., at expressions. He asked me if I wanted a pair of Nubucks but I told him I wasn't interested. Met up with Dustin and Jen later on in the day. Walked around Chinatown doing pretty much nothing. Atleast we got some good drinks at the Juice Bar. Pretty much my Saturday..
Sunday was a total bummer. I got nothing productive done! I was suppose to clean my room, finish a page and my outline on my research paper and do the laundry. I didn't do any of that yet. FML. Well, I should get crackingggg.

soakin denim


  1. SELF DEFENSE...FROM YOUUUUUU :O jk hahahha. or not lol. jk again..?

    hahahahhaa did you hand wash your jeans? when it's dried and everything and the feeling when you wear them. ughhhhh weird! well you're a guy so it's probably baggy and not touching your skin. but whateverrrrrr XD

  2. haha Lawrence, don't be too sad. why do you always expect so much. it's okay if you didn't do anything over the weekend.
    as for jeans, seriously does it really matter lol. why do guys care so much about jeans. they're just jeans.

  3. i disagree with comment above..its okay lawrence they dont understand....i need some 501s i only got 514 and 505 and dude i need some new different colored vans or something