Sunday, March 22, 2009

Recap: Not so Feminine saturday

Let me recap what happened yesterday which was Feminine Saturday. I woke up kinda early to finish some work so I can pass it in early and go out. Finished around 2oclock. Took a shower and left the house. Donald mentioned that they were going to play football today.I decided to go today since I missed football lastweek. We chilled around BCNC until 4. That when the game started. At BCNC I kinda learned how BLA's lineup for Vball this year. I also know the people who are quitting and joining. Pretty interesting, too bad I can not share it since its confenditial information. We finally decided to play football at 4. Not many people were there at first but more and more people started to come. Met some cool new people as well as talk to some people who I haven't seen since summer. Dustin and I then later went to Zhi's house to chill. We talked and chilled there for a bit until Zhi told us to run some errands for him. We had to buy soda for him, when we came back, we decided to watch a Movie, Grandma's Boy on his laptop. It wasn't that bad of a movie but you can definately sense that it was poorly developed, written and funded.Later on, Tony Lee came by . After the movie, we played some videogames at his house. We had Guilty Gear running on the television and Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max running on the Psps. It was getting kinda late so we decided to leave and pick up Jennifer at her house so we can Karoake. After, we picked up some more people. We picked up Wendy,Lisa, Jerry and some other people which I did not know. We waited inside Golden Leaf for a while until we got a room. The room was pretty nice and was kinda big. I learned how to play some dice game, sang a few songs and grabbed a few drinks. Tony Huang and Jenny came later on .It was a fun night. I had to leave early because Tony Huang was giving me a ride home and I could not pass up the offer. Went home gave Dustin my Carmines 6's and they are left. Stayed up until 2am, talking online, surfing the web and listening to music. I kept on waking up at night to get water. For some reason my mouth was real dry when I went to sleep. Well its usually dry but this time its more dry than usual. If people upload some pics of last night I'll try to post them up.

Oh listen to Wale's new Single. Track is FIRE!


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  2. oh shit i used me sister's by accident. but anyway i said
    seems like you had a nice weekend, and no wonder why it was so loud when dustin called