Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Friday Friday!

I have always looked froward to Fridays. This Friday was no difference but there was one major problem with this Friday. I found myself without a jersey this year. It was not because of my school grades or me being crappy. It was just a family decision to skip a few weeks of volleyball. The suggestion came from my oldest brother, he kind of forced me to do this. So when I was watching the game today, it kind of killed me inside. I would have been playing week or power today but I saw myself watching instead of playing. Wait, lets talk about my day at school then I'll get to the game.
School was meh. Maybe because I did not pass in my English papers and Spanish as well as Cisco class were annoying. Bad way to start a morning .Thank god I had people to text to during those classes. The next three classes went surprisingly fast. After school I went to Dunkin Donuts to get some drinks with the Triangle. Later we went to Mr.Herrington's room until the game. The game didn't start until 330.
When the game finally started, I was feeling melancholy. I kind of wished I got to play this season because when I was talking before the game he told me that they could have used me this year. I told him that there is still a chance I might still come during the second half of the season. Hopefully, if I do come back I get my weak side position back. No offense to Trung, who did great today. But I feel bad for him because he told me that he did not even like hitting alot but it seems like coach made him play weak for defense and just in case scenerios. Alot of the offensive plays didn't seem to revolve around him.Well that is the way how I view things. So after the disappointing lost, I went home right away. I was having pho for dinner so I did not want to go out to eat even though my friends suggested that I do. Well thats was practically my whole Friday.
I would like to thank Jennifer and Ve for the awesome triangle posters. Much love <3.

Status/Mood : Sick. Meh
Weather: Warm. Cloudy in the morning, sunny in the afternoon
Current Track : Drake - Best I ever had
WDYWT : Denali, STFs, Jordan Stealth 5s, Staple "stapel" tee


  1. it was a great game today. it's okay that we lost. and yeah........... idk but yeah.. i love my volleyball boys

  2. thanks Lawrence! and yeah i kind of didnt really feel comfortable being up front because i knew i cant jump for shit haha so they picked on me. and no offense taken :]

    im really looking forward to seeing you return to the team! dont ever think we dont need you because we do! :D