Saturday, March 14, 2009

It is such a beautiful day out

It's such a nice day out today, so why am I wasting such a perfect day like this? The reason for this is because I need to study for my SATS. I guess you can call it dedication but if I was dedicated I would be studying right now. Well there is an excuse for that. I woke up early this morning to study so I deserve a break :] . I am so tempted to go out but I think I am just going to stay home and study for my exam tomorrow.

So I decided to take a small break right now just to update you guys on the weather and my life. I know I've been making crappy entries lately for e.g. my last 4 posts. I guess I have no time to give you a real update, so let me fill you guys in. These last two weeks has been hella stressful. I've been busy studying, Volleyball ,school work, the end and beginning of new terms, girls and just life. I decided to leave away my social life to focus on school. I haven't really gone out for the last two weeks. Kind of depressing but I have to make sacrifices. Dedication is all about sacrifices. Life is all about sacrifices. Its the price I got to pay. So lesson learned these last few weeks? Dedication, success and life all requires sacrifices. Sacrifices is what help strive people to do better because without sacrifices people would just end up lazy and distracted.

I want to end this entry on a positive note. So one thing I enjoyed these last two weeks was the amount of time I have to myself after studying. I have time to do some leisure activities that I enjoy at home by myself. For example, yesterday I was able to stay up late to chat w/friends and watch Justice League since I have finished all my studying. It feel so satisfying and rewarding once your done studying because it feels like you accomplished something.

Wish me luck on my exam tomorrow. xD

It so beautiful outside

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  1. LOLL you took a picture XDD
    "I've been busy studying, Volleyball ,school work, the end and beginning of new terms, girls and just life."
    ^ What girls? LOLLLL jaykayyyyyyy!!!