Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I HATE SCHOOL (this week)

Omfg two more days of school. This week feels so long and we've only been in school for two days. This week feels like its never goona end. It has been a bad week too. Monday was just horrible. Tuesday wasn't that bad. Today was just another horrible day and I can sense tomorrow is going to be another bad day.
Today, I felt so lost in school. Like I did not know what I was doing for most of my classes. I hate that feeling. After school, I went to practice. It wasn't too bad. We taught the new players how to do their apporach. I think coach spent way too much time teaching the same thing. I think it would have been better if he only taught us it one way. He did so many drills just to learn how to do the apporach. Oh well. After practice, I took a LONG nap on the bus. Felt so good. So why did I say today was bad? Well, I got mad work to do at home. I got to do my Physics LAB,study for Physics, do my History DBQ, study for English, do English homework and do(copy off Nancy) Math homework. Yeah, its kind of a bummer because my day was going just great until I realized the amount of work I have to do tonight. And tomorrow is even worse because I have to study for english,math and history! omg, I hate school so much right now.

Came in the mail today :D :
Wale x URB x New Era "DMV" fitted. size: 7 5/8
I know, I'm a true fan. WALE!

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