Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Monday Monday

Monday. Monday. Monday. I hate them so much, especially today. So what exactly happened today?

Well, school was alright I guess besides the last three periods. Actually the first three periods were not that bad. First period, I just spent my time daydreaming and working on my thesis. I really got to stop daydreaming in that class. Second period wasn't so bad. The class got to play charades in Spanish. Pretty fun! Third period, got to be my favorite period so far this year. I got to chill in my computer room and just fool around. Went on the Taco Bell website and saw that they have 99 cents nachos! They look pretty dam good too. Makes me wanna grab some. Lunch wasn't too bad. Just talked to Ve and Tony, since Dustin wasn't here. :(.

So after lunch it went down hill. I had Math class after lunch which is always a drag. After that, I had History. Really Really Really boring today! I regret taking AP History. So after History was physics. I knew that class was going to feel long since Dustin wasn't here today. I was right, it felt so longgggggg. Felt like 2 whole periods!

After school wasn't too great either. I hated practice today. I always hated the first week of practice cause it all mechanics. I know that I am rusty, and I know I need to brush on my mechanics but I just hate it so much. It's just so annoying spending 3 hrs doing the same thing. I also hate when coach makes those speeches. I just feel like its a waste of practice time. And Yes Jennifer, we did do ladders :[.

My Monday did not end there. After practice, I had to wait outside for the 66 bus. It wasn't crowded but I had to wait outside for a longggg time. And when I got off the bus I had to wait for the train. I hate waiting for the train, especially the outbound train. It takes forever to come and when it does come it goes express the stop before my stop. SO GAY! So I walked home from that stop.

I just feel like punching someone because I hate Mondays so much. I hate my life so much right now. I can kill myself rightnow but I'm not a sucidal person. Atleast I do not have much homework and I have tomorrow off. :]

O, Hi Jennifer and Ve. I know you guys are reading this. So HI :]

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  1. Wow emo much?? Okay just kidding...anyways *points and laugh at ladders*