Saturday, March 21, 2009

Recap: No Homo Friday

Thank god it is Friday. Well it was. I had my english exam, which was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I have a feeling that I will need to retake it. The rest of the school day was alright besides period 4 and 5. I hate those two classes. Math, we had a test and I didn't know shit. Well, it atleast looked right. Hopefully I'll get a 60 or 65 on it. History class, was just gay. I had to take an MC test and I did bad. Like real bad. So bad that it would have been 20/30 scaled. He got on my nerves today too, for calling me out in class because I was reading a comic book. WTF is his problem? After school, we got our report cards. Kinda pissed and dissapointed. Need to work my butt off this term. I went to practice after. I didnt really care for it today because I was mostly pissed and dissapointed. Practice went by fast. At the end of practice, we got to block and do hitting lines. My favorite.
After practice, Tony Dustin, Zhi and Simon went home to drop off their stuff. We picked up Trung after and went to BB. We lost the first two rounds of Pool and won the last two rounds of Pool. Tied 2-2. We all went to Ihops after the game. The food there was delicious. Nothing gay happened today there. LOL. I'm kidding it is friday. Of course gay stuff was goona happen but that information is confendential. Got home around 11. Felt so good to hang out today.

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  1. whatd you guys do that was gay lol. and trung told me how you were the weakest link in pool