Thursday, March 19, 2009

In class

I should be working in class right now but I'm bored. I finished copying my math homework and started my physics lab which is due tomorrow. I should be studying for my English test tomorrow but I'm too lazy and too tired to look at them. I've been tired through out the whole day. Really tiring day and I'm only half way done with school... Its probably from the headaches I'm getting. I took a few pills in Spanish class which was last period but they don't seem to be working.... Now, I'm deciding if I should go to Volleyball or not. Maybe I shouldn't go, feeling kinda sick

So I did go to practice today. Wasn't as bad as I thought. I had to leave early to start on my homework. When I came home, my brothers were already playing the new Call of Duty zombie mode. Addicts these days. So while they were playing, I was doing my LAB report for my physics class. I got a lot of it done. I still need to do the conclusion but that is easy. After working on my lab, I took a break and ate dinner. Right after dinner I went to study my vocab words for English. Still not done but at least I'm like 60% done. Will finish the rest later cause my eyes are starting to hurt.

My foe these last few days

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  1. ohhhh shit lol those are the index cards for that history shit..