Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Evacuation Day/St.Patrick

Just another excuse for white Bostonians to get drunk and party. As for me, I do not plan to drink or party today. I have others things on my agenda which I need to accomplish.
  • Study English Vocabulary. (218 more words to go!)
  • Study for History tests
  • Pick up Medicine
  • Do/Fold Laundry
  • Do Physics, History and English homework
  • Do Physics LAB
So much for my day off. At least the weather is nice again. hmm.
Well I hope everyone enjoys their St.Patrick's Day. Have fun and Be Safe :)

Update :
So I decided to go out today. I went to NorthEastern University to study with Tony, Hussain, Cynthia, Jennifer, Adam, Justin and Nigel. The last time I chilled with Nigel and Justin was a long time ago. Probably like two years ago when we went to NorthEastern to chill. It kinda brought back old memories. So we did not get much studying done but it was more than what I got done at home. I stayed until 6 to go home. When I got home, I worked on Physics homework and ate dinner. I love wonton soup. I think today wasn't that bad. We could have got some more studying done but it was iight. Time for me to get back to history and english homework.

Haven't done this in a while. Rayguns for today.

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  1. omg i can only comment you on my g1 for some reason but loll you actually go to nu to study? thats cool.. im too lazy for that