Sunday, March 29, 2009

Home is where its at.

It was a pretty nice day yesterday.Sunny, warm, what more can you want? Well, instead of spending my day outdoors, I stayed home pretty much the whole day. Got my studying done in the morning. So i had the afternoon to myself. I did not really want to go out because I'm still terribly sick. Instead, I stayed home and cleaned my room. It is still a mess but its better than before. After cleaning my room, I cleaned a few of my sneakers since I had some time to kill. Worked on my research paper at night and tried to talk and text some people on the phone since I haven't been on AIM lately. If you guys ever need me just shoot me an email,call or text. It was a nice relaxing, stress free Saturday but kind of on the boring side. So I took some pics outside since I had some time to kill.

Cleaned my Lunars East first.

Stealth 5s next.

I guess what they say is true. The grass is always greener on the other side.
Nice day outside.
Research paper time. just great


  1. damn lawrence, you are going through such stressful times :( I HOPE YOU GET BETTER! :]

    and to answer your question, of course im not disappointed in you lol it was a certain someone who i did not name in the list of players lol...but its whatever now.

    youre mad determined with school and such, i wish i was like that lol... but anywho, hope you prove to your brother that you can balance out school and sports! HOPE TO PLAY WITH YOU THIS SEASON BUDDY! MUCH LOVE<3 :]

  2. screw those critical essays. make me depressed -_- lmao XD

  3. Lmaooooo so much for AP huh