Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So, I realized today that classes has gotten alot better. English class is actually pretty nice and comforting. Maybe is because our papers are done and the exam is almost here. However, right after English I have Spanish. I still hate that class till this day. Its boring, confusing and not fun at all. When I first applied to spanish, I thought it was going to be something fun and cool. I guess I was wrong. So Math and Cisco class has been pretty much alright. Class do get annoying at time but I usually spend my time playing my Nintendo Ds. History class has gotten a lot less stressful. I mean alot. Maybe cause we are almost done with the course. It is pretty much review all the time and I find it kind of relieving. I can finally take a break from History. Physics gets better everyday. I do good on the tests and quizzes and class is always fun! I feel bad for those who have physics honors. Suckas :P. Overall school has been going good. These last few days felt great since I do not have much to worry about. It feels pretty nice to sit and relax. Maybe, I'll come back for the second half of the volleyball season. Who knows? Oh by the ways, good job on the game today. I had to leave early but from what I saw, the team had improved alot since I last saw them. Oh, something scary happened at lunch. Jennifer, wasn't feel well and she had to be sent to the nurse. Hopefully she can make a healthy recovery. Well, I assume she recovered already since she was at the game cheering for BLA.

Anyways, I decided to un-ds my CDP XVII's today. My foot hurts like crazy. I still have to break em in since they are kinda tight. But, I love em. They are such a beautiful sneaker. I am glad that I decided to keep em.


  1. lmaooooo nice sneakers, you had them for awhile right?

    anyway.. im surprised how you didn't talk about the game. after playing for so long.. how are you gonna be so heartless and give it up like that :(

  2. nooooooo Lawrence, wasn't you!! lol

    well boys in general.

  3. thats good that youre finally feeling unstressed. this week is kind of stressful for me but cant wait till vacation. hoping you do get back to volleyball! :]

  4. I WAS NOTTTTT CHEERING FOR BLA. WHAT THE LOL. XD and screw APENG. i hate that class.

  5. LMFAO i just notice you wrote jennifer was cheering for BLA. LOLLLLLLL...