Saturday, April 18, 2009

Please Allow Me to Rant

So yesterday, the issue of conversation came up between me and a fellow friend. I had always thought that conversation is just a friendly gesture of appreciation, concern and lastly friendship. Sure, that may not make sense for some of you but I do not understand why people get frustrated when people start conversations. I even admit that I sometimes get annoyed when someone talks to me. But those people are the people who I dislike. It is not because I find them annoying that makes me hate having a conversation with them but it is the reason that I dislike them. Another thing that I do not understand is that if a "close" or "good" friend try to start a conversation, the receiver acts like she or he doesn't care. If they were a "close"or a "good" friend, can they atleast care? Well, I guess people do get on people nerves alot. Even myself, get on other people's nerve but I am just showing that I am concern and caring. I am a caring and a concerning person. I always like to keep an update of my friends and I like to update them. This is why I have a blog where my friends can read and why I read other people's blog. I am a caring and a concerning person. But you know what, if people doesn't want me to care about them, that is their fault. Maybe, I am just talking nonsense right here.

Sorry, for such an irrelevant, random and unusual topic. It just popped in my head and I just wanted to know how you guys feel about the same issue. I was about to talk about my the start of my vacation but as some of you guys may know, my life is boring. I'll just talk about the start of my vacation tomorrow or my next post.

Have a nice, safe, fun vacation!
Remember to be safe and relax!


  1. nahh not irrelevant or random at all haha, blogging helps you to release your thoughts and contain it. xD

    but i mean i guess if people dont feel like talking to you, then you shouldnt give a damn and just not bother talking to them. make them miss you and when they start talking to you, say F_CK OFF! :]

  2. lol was this for me Lawrence?
    im sorry
    i dont want to explain it here