Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lets get Tropic!

I didn't update what I did yesterday, so i'll give you guys a quick recap. I stayed home til like 3 studying and doing homework. Went out at three to go play balls with the guys. Kinda nagged Jennifer to come too but she didn't come till way later. So I stopped by Quincy Towers first to play football. I didn't know that many people that were playing, only Donald, Chan, Phil. When Hung came by, I asked if he wanted to take my place so I can join Zhi and Dustin who were playing Basketball at Peters Park. This was the first time I used my Penny 1s for basketball. I was expecting them to play really well, since they are a "basketball" sneaker. It was alright, it got the job done. Rather still play in my 7s, 14s or Huaraches. Owen, Jiaffeezy, and Derrick came later on. We all left around 6ish to eat at Royal Palace. We met up with Donald and Jennifer there. I had to eat quick so I could do my taxes at home. So after eating, I rushed home to do taxes. Yup pretty much my whole day

I hate rainy days, but today wasn't that bad. I woke up in the morning, got some homework done. I still have Princeton homework to do. :[. I tried to dedicate the day to clean my room and do some homework. Unfortunately, I did not do that. Well, I did clean my room later on in the day.

So in the afternoon, my girlfriend came over. I cooked up something really quick for the both of us. Just pasta with Alfredo sauce. I love Alfredo sauce.She brought over some cupcakes :] .So we just chilled, watched some movies On-Demand. We first watched You Don't Mess with the Zohan. I thought it was goona be a good movie but it was pretty stupid. I admit it was stupid funny though.

After the movie, we decided to clean my room. :]. This is what women are made for. (kidding). Well, we didn't get much done. Atleast my laundry is now folded. After cleaning, she went on my computer and watched some television, while I cooked dinner. Yes, we eat alot. I decided to cook some salmon, vegies and rice. It was my first time cooking salmon so it didn't turning out that bad. We ate and chatted for a bit.

It was getting kind of dark but she didn't want to leave yet, so we watched another movie on demand. This time we watched Semi-Pro. This movie was a good movie. It was HILARIOUS. I loved the part when Jackie Moon wrestled the bear. That scene was hilarious. And the Alley-oop part was crazy! Oh man there are so many scenes that I liked from that movie. So after the movie, I just took her home. I would have walked her home but it was dark and kinda wet outside, so we took the train instead. Thank god she doesnt live far. So that was pretty much my whole day. Darn it, I still needa do my Lab for physics and my Rhetorical analysis for English.

My load of laundry that needed to be folded.


  1. i love that movie, You Don't Mess with the Zohan hahaha. it's pretty funny. and Semi Pro

    but im so happy for you Lawrence, that you have a gf now. lol

  2. did i just read about your fantasy?