Thursday, April 9, 2009

Life and Rhymes

How is life, you ask? Every time someone asks me this rhetorical question, I just usually smile and just says its been "iight". I do not want anyone to really worry about me but my life has just been miserable. Sure, I have some positives in my life lately. Been chilling with friends this past week, having fun, enjoying my self. Thats the life I want. Unfortunately, stress, work and studies has just made that . Sucks right? Damn right that sucks. Sometimes, I just want to escape reality and enter a never ending fantasy. Too bad it is not as easy as it sounds because reality is just sitting right there waiting for you. I've been avoiding reality too much.You may call this "procrastination" but I don't. I hardly ever procrastinate, I get my work done on time and sometimes even early. So why have I been avoiding reality? Cause I do not want to deal with it but sooner or later I have to realize that I must have to deal with reality. Reality is something that is inevitable .So who do I blame for this occurrence? My brother? My family? My Friends? My Teacher? Well, the only person I can blame is myself. I've been avoiding reality and tried living a never ending fantasy. Soon enough, I must have to face reality and life.

Alright, so thats enough about the status of my life. I guess I'll write about my day.

Day started great. I was in a good mood, it was sunny and Ve looked nice as usual. LOL, I just wanted to point that out.(Thought it would be funny if I wrote that in.). So anyways, back to what I was saying. The weather was nice and the day started out great. All the components needed to make a perfect day. Well you may guess so, but we'll see as I write more. So English class was pretty fun. We talked about entertainment. A topic which I dearly love to talk about and always interested in. As for my theme song. I chose the Jay Chou song .Spanish wasn't too bad either. There was a lot of gossip going around Spanish class about student getting suspended. I really hate it when students say "it was blown out of proportion". Cmon, guys be original. Don't just copy what someone said on television just because you agree with it. Say something else already. Like "I believe the school did not handle the situation well" or some shit like that. I think the idea of biting off other student just annoy the shit out of me. One of my pet peeves. The rest of the day was alright. I was about to skip Physics with Tony and Zhi, but I did not want to leave Deez alone in class. So I stayed with him and took our quiz. We definitely beasted on it.

After school, we went to Tiger Flix. The first junior class event?(I think). They were showing Stomp The Yard. Me and Dustin got there late since we had to go to the post office before the movie. When we came back, it was like pitch black and it was hard to see where everyone was sitting. We stayed for half the movie then we decided to leave. Tony had to go home so it was Me, Zhi and Dustin. We all went to McDonalds to get food and chilled at Zhi's place to play some cards. Jennifer and Kevin came along a bit after. I left pretty early since I wasn't really feeling it today.

Yup, pretty much my whole day. Hope you guys have a nice long weekend!

Oh, if you guys were wondering where I got my title from? I got it from the MTV concerts they used to show back in 2005 and 2006. I thought some of the concerts were pretty nice. When I originally created this blog, I wanted to name it My life and Rhymes. As you can see now, I did not name it that. I sticked with the "Cliché" since it was a word I liked. If you guys do not know what a Cliché is? Well its a phrase that usually express a common thought or view. It wouldn't have made any sense to name it "My life and Rhymes" because I write about stuff that is not even related to my life. So I thought I would share that story with you guys? Oh, before I say good bye, I was wondering why everyone is getting a blog now? I see more and more of my friends getting blogs. I do not mind it, actually I kinda like it. It gives me something to read and it helps me stay connected. I was just wondering what is with the suddent interested in blogging. Did Ve start this or something?

Alright, I taken enough of your time already(if you guys were reading). I hope you guys have a good safe weekend. Peace


  1. holy shit son, this is a long entry LOLLl. but umm you always hang out with Tony, Dustin, and Zhi lol. but today i seen you guys with Kevin, thought that was kinda weird. but ummm "how's life" is not a rhetorical question. you ask me "how's your day" like 24/7
    but i guess you're enjoying your life since you have friends and stuff you can talk to. yaknow what im saying?/

  2. lmaooo
    "Ve looked nice as usual."
    haha Lawrence, you're so sweet

  3. awww its alright lawrence, i believe youre just going through a phase...hopefully you get out of it soon. cheer up buddy i know its not easy to do but try? :]

    anyways i want to blog cause i want to update my friends who i dont talk too so they can read when they want and know whats been up with my life. but youre right about ve getting me into this. haha i wish more of our friends join, FRIENDS. not everyone. cause i dont want it to turn into like xanga or some crap. but i like to read your blogs and others as well :] keeps me updated. like i didnt know you were stressing until now. but hope you get better!