Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Losing Touch

Okay, I seriously have to stop updating. It seems like I have been updating too much. Maybe I'll just delete some pointless entries or something. I just been having too much time at night and there is nothing better to do than blog. Right?

Anyways, how are vacation looking for you guys? I've been enjoying my vacation so far. The rain has been a bummer but that doesn't stop me from enjoying myself. So, this morning I woke up around 10. I wake up pretty damn late since I have been sleeping pretty damn early lately. Like its vacation, why am I waking up so damn early and sleeping so damn early. On vacation days I would typically sleep around 2 or 3, sometimes even 4. But these last few nights,I've been sleeping around midnight. Strange isnt it? Lets get back to today. So I woke up, watched television til noonish. At noon, I left to go to the library to study. It was pretty nice. I got lots of work done there. I finished one of the five essays there and I even got some studying for History there.

After being in the library for 3 hours, I went to Borders to pick up some Manga and Light Novels. I picked up The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya volumes one and two of the Manga and volume one of the Light Novel. I'll probably start reading it tonight. I went home straight right after picking up my books. When I got home, Triangle Offense came over a little bit after. We just sat and chilled til 5. Owned Dustin at Wii tennis. Hell yeah! After playing the Wii, we picked up Jennifer and Jenny. We were planning to go to BB to play some pool but we decided to stay at Jennifer's place again. Watched some tv, played some cards and Mahjong. We stayed til eight then we all left.

I took some pics while I was at the library.

I hate rainy cloudy gloomy days.

Trying to start my Essay.

Pick ups for today

Oh, if you guys were wondering why I've been putting random names on my entries is because thats is how I feel about the day or about someone or how I feel or a song that has been in my head. For example, yesterday I named it Get By because it is hard to get by with so many people at the Marthon. And Talib Kweli's song Get by was in my head the whole day yesterday. Today I feel like I am losing touch with someone, so that is why I called it losing touch.


  1. i guess it's nice that you're studying and doing your stuff at the library. you should come to practice!

    loll... those mangas look like _

  2. damnnnn all studying and listening to history notes. youre wayy beyond high school level, damnn college kid. LOL