Sunday, April 26, 2009


It is sad to see vacation coming to an end. It has been one heck of a week. A week of relaxing,studying, chilling and enjoying myself. It is sad to see all that go away. But let us look past this vacation and look forward to summer vacaion! Before we do that though, please allow me to recap what happened these last few days since I was "OUTZ" most of the weekend.

I am pretty sure I left off with Thursday on my last entry so I guess I'll start with Friday. Be prepared for a long read.

Friday was great! The weather indeed was superb. I went out the house around noon time to go meet up with Dustin, Jennifer and Tony. We decided to meet at Jennifer's place once again but we left immediately after I got there. Tony had to leave to pick up My, meaning that it was only us three. We all went out to get food and then walked down to the Ymca. We thought about going to the ymca but instead we met up with Michael Ly and walked around Newbury Street. Bodega's was having a sale and I wanted in. Unfortunately there was a line and I didn't cop a single thing. That was probably the only down side of my day. After the disappointing sale, Tony and My picked us up. We dropped Michael off at home and Jennifer at the school. The guys wanted to play some Volleyball but Huy told us to leave in a impolite way. After hearing that, we decided to leave and head to Boston Bowl. We played a few rounds of pool with the four of us and played some frames of bowling. I haven't bowled in such a long time so I kinda did bad. We all left around 6 or 7 ish to go to Zhi's place to go pick him up. We asked Zhi if he wanted to stay over Tony's for the night to hang out. He was uncertain because he had work the next day but he decided to come. While he was making his decesion we played some Volleyball at his place since we got kicked out the gym. After volleyball we all left to go to Tony's house, but before we went to Tony's house we stopped by Dustin's house. We ordered pizza there and played Smash Bros Brawl. After a few rounds of Smash, we got some snacks for the night. Redbull, Monster and Chips. Finally, we were at Tony's house. At first we played some cards until his parents went to sleep. Right when his parents went to sleep, Jenny and Adrn came over but they decided not to drink. We had some beer at first then we all did "jagerbombs" with Redbull and Monster. We didn't have many shot glasses so we had to take turns. Oh well, it was all good. Alan and Lan came later on. We played some more games like pong, which I lost at and xbox. Already, half way buzzed, me and Tony decided to drink some more. While we were drinking we heard Alan,Lan, Adrn and Jenny talking about Forests, Swamps and Burial Grounds. Alan thought it would be a cool idea to go so we all decided to go. Zhi and Tony decided to stay and Adrn had to leave. So it was just Alan, Jenny, Lan, Dustin and myself. I admit that I was scared a little bit scared but there was nothing much to be scared about. I think it were the stories that got to me. There was a funny story where Dustin had his Ipod on and he was like this song isnt on my ipod. That scared the shit out of me but he was just joking. We came back around 4 am and Alan and Lan had to leave. As for Jenny, Dustin and myself, well we decided to sleep in the living room.

It was Saturday when I woke up. When I woke up, I realized how much work I still have to do for school. I wanted to go home but I decided to stay in Randolph and chill. In the morning I went to Dustin's place to shower and then Tony and Jenny picked us up to drop off Zhi and grab breakfast. We ate at My's restaurant. Well its not her restaurant but is where she worked. After eating a heavy breakfast we went to look for some worms. The reason we were looking for worms was because the four of us wanted to go fishing. It took us forever to look for worms! So after spending 2 hrs looking for worms, we picked up My and we all went fishing down in Canton! It was pretty fun since the water felt nice and the weather was again superb. After fishing for an hr or so, I got dropped off at Dustin's place for a while. We waited for Tony to come back so we can go to Simon's birthday. We couldn't get him a gift because we were running a bit late. Sorry dude! We met up with Jennifer later on and we all drove to Fire and Ice. We were lucky to find parking in such a busy district. Finally the guys and girls (too many to mention) all met up and went to the restaurant. We got our seats and immediately started eating. The girls + triangle offense decided to get salad first and the other guys decided to get meat first. This messed up the timing but it all worked out at the end. When we were eating, there were a few problems on my mind. Well some of em weren't problems but there were just thoughts. If you really know me you should know what the problem was and what my thoughts in my head were. After taking pictures outside the restaurant, triangle offense came over. They stayed for a bit and had to leave. Pretty good day!

As for today, it seems like I won't be having any fun. I still have mucho work to finish (2 essays, 2 readings + questions and a LAB) and I have my last SAT class at 2. F*ck my life. Someone please shoot me. I hope all you guys had a nice vacation and hope you guys enjoy whats left of it!

Vacation's rotation!
Sorry for a blurry pic!

Edit :
So I'm here close to midnight doing my homework. I decided to take a break since I been working hard these last two hours. I still got one more essay to go. I f*cking hate staying up late to do homework. I get mad tired and get no sleep. I made myself some milk tea. That helped a bit but the effects are definitely wearing down.. Great way to end vacation right?


  1. lmaoo "OUTZ", are you serious Lawrence

    Finally the guys and girls (too many to mention) all met up and went to the restaurant.
    dude, it was only me and Phuong, too many to mention?

    I'm glad you had fun this vacation because i did too!! haha and today's the last day, enjoy it buddy.

    school's tomorrow =]

  2. did it really... loll i need to stop eating again