Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Good Shit!

I finally passed in my research paper today. :). Felt pretty nice to pass it in. So my English teacher asked us to wear our "AP Shirts". My shirt wasn't as nice as the other student's but its the credit that counts right? The only con about wearing our shirt was that I looked like a fool through out the whole school. There were other people wearing their shirts, they looked like fools as well. There are some exceptions however. So I got pretty bored in Spanish and Math Class so I decided draw and color. Drew some Pac-Man stages and cut out some Triangles. Yes, I draw Pacman stages and Triangles. History class was kind of different today. I actually had some fun in class. Mr.Kaz made up this game and my group won. We didn't just win but we obliterated the other teams. We were like 3 for 3. The other groups were like 1 for 3 or 0 for 3. As an incentive, he is giving up 1 extra point for our test tomorrow. Sigh, I still need to study for it.

Anyways, after school I had to stay to take Ms.Saluti's math quiz. I did horrible but it doesn't matter because I think she is going to pity me and give me some extra points. Good shit, right? After my quiz, I met up with Deez, Zhi and Owen outside the school. We waited for Tony for a while since he was interested in taking AP Physics and had to stay after.After we met up with Tony, we all went to Zhi's house to get the basketball. Kevin and Richard came along. Later on, we all went to Peter's park. God, I haven't stepped on that court for months. Played a game of Fifty then we scrimmed for a bit. It was Triangle + Jennifer v Others. LOL. Kind of unfair since they had Owen and we had Jennifer but oh well, we still had fun. Jennifer had to go but the guys stayed a bit longer. We had another scrim and then headed home. It kind of feels good to go "out" today, I needed a break from studying and shit. Good shit today!

Oh so I narrowed my theme song to six songs. Lets hope I don't have to write a rhetorical analysis on it.
- Photograph
- 93 til infinity
- Through the Wire
- Mr.Brightside
- Snow like hair
- No such thing

My AP shirt. I drew the Triangle on the right and Jennifer drew the one on the left.

The Triangle I drew and cut out in Math and Spanish class. It is a work in progress


  1. lmao why yall play basketball? i hate basketball, i thought you guys would play volleyball or something

    anyway.. lmao your shirt.. lol.

  2. GOSH I DON'T PLAY BASKETBALL LOL. yeah gee thanks, TO+Jennifer LOL! Owen's a ballhogger hahah! AND THAT'S DEFINITELY MY NEAT TRIANGLE, YOU LIAR. you made that smudge! andd your songs suck; DBSK ftw!

  3. thats a cute shirt i guess...needs some S's on it. lol