Monday, April 13, 2009

Killer Monday

I think monday is probably the worse day of the week. It is the start of the new school week. I think I made an entry about how I hate mondays. This Monday is no different. This Monday, was a killer. School wasn't too bad. Actually, it went by fairly quick.
After school however was a killer. I had to stay for AP Enivromental Science and AP English. Enviromental Science was kinda quiet. I was expecting more kids but I guess not many kids are interested. After, I stopped by my English class to talk to the students who are interested in taking AP English. I kinda scared them. lol.
So after, I went back home. Got some quick to eat and left to go to the JFK Forum. Omg, that what pretty much killed my day. Actually, it killed 3.5 hrs of my afternoon. I met up with Ve at JFK station and we went to the Forum. The Forum was pretty much boring and they cracked the most corniest political jokes ever. Even though they were funny, I thought they were corny. LOL. So at the forum, the compared Barrack's 100 days to other presidents. I pretty much thought Barrack did crap in his first 100 days but I guess they see it in a different way. They see "potential" in him.
Ve and I left around 6:20 and I got home around 7:40. Yes, it takes that long to get there. I got home, ate dinner and worked on my essay. I got a 5 on it today. I want a 7 or 8 tomorrow. Much work needs to be doen to it. And I also need to do my physics lab. Sigh. I hate mondays


  1. I dislike politics. Well that's because I don't understand it LOL. WELLL it depends, GOSH XD.

    Omg I think receiving a "6" today was pretty good for me o_o I usually get like 4/5 if essays are getting revised in class. I'm aiming for a 7 lol. At least it's up there; and if I'm nerdy enough, I'll go for the 8 lol. Too lazy for the 9 -_-

  2. omggg i would hate to have mr. goode.

    but damn i can see youre still under mad stress =/ i am too but i guess its my fault for slacking.

    but what friday are you talking about? cause if its this friday and i dont have work on saturday then i probably can come, but we'll just have to see.

  3. To Jennifer : I still hate you for having that 5 page paper. You're a nerd(JK)! Anyways, I hate politics too! sigh, why can there not be politics in the world. Always so uninteresting!

    To Trung : I would hate to have Mr.Goode too. He makes you do mad shit for credit. And friday,I wanted to invite some friends come to my place to chill,gamble and drink(?) if you do that stuff. You're always welcomed to come but I dont want to come over.

  4. lmaooooooooooo the forum was horrible! omg i didnt even get the jokes. i dont know how you find them funny. or the other people too. lmao the only thing i got was when he explained about how this guy's wife called him up to have an early dinner and they talked about roosevelt. lmaoo anyway thanks for coming though!!

    still going to the 27th one? :]