Thursday, April 16, 2009

Can't feel my face

Lets talk about the about the cars ya'll got You say you got alotta whips, well I got a Lot! A reference to Wale's Song Chillin feat Lady Gaga. The sentence flowed pretty well so I had to do it. But seriously, lets talk about today.

So school wasn't as much as a drag as I thought it would be. I got to go to school at 8am, 30 mins later than usual. The other students however came to school at 9:20. The reason I had to be at school at 8 was because of the stupid assembly yesterday. I was scheduled for a Practice Multiple Choice AP History Exam but the assembly pushed the test til today. Mr.Kaz suggested that we come to school at 8 to take the test. So, the test wasn't that bad. I got my results later in the day and honestly I was expecting alot worse. That was pretty much my school day.

After school, all the AP English students had to stop by Ms.Tsoutsis's room to get the homework over break since she will not be here tomorrow. She suggested that each student take a book. She said we didn't have to read it but it would be a great way to kill time. Jennifer and I both picked up , The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. It seems pretty interesting. The only downfall is the length. No way I am going to finish this book in a week. Well, that what I said about Malcolm X so who knows. I went down to Ms.Hessney's class after. I had to take my Pre-Assesment for AP Statistics. It wasn't too bad. After, I went to stop by Ms.Tsoutsis's room once again to get my letter since my parents didn't come to parent teacher conference in the morning. We chatted for a bit and I think I got some suck up points. Wohoo :].

I left school around 3 and got home around 3:40. Left the house once again to take a hair cut in Allston. I was thinking about a buzz cut but I was too scared. So instead I thinned my hair once again. My hair grows too quick. After my cut, I went to New England Comics to look for some Manga. Stupid store didn't have the new Haruhi. I was kind of disapointed, oh well. Went home and cleaned the attic since people are supposedly coming over tomorrow.

Vacation is almost here. I can taste it.


  1. whyddddd you get a haircut

  2. OH SHIT YOU GOT A HAIRCUT!?!? i want ot see :D