Monday, April 20, 2009

Get by

It is marathon Monday in Boston again. You know what that means. A lot of traffic, people and frustration. Well not too much of the frustration but I can see how people can get frustrated. So today wasn't too bad. I woke up fairly early this morning. Strange, but I guess I have to get used to it since I plan to study from 9-noon this week. I was planning to go to the library today, but it wasn't open. Instead, I took my studying somewhere else. I went to Starbucks at Arlington station instead. It was pretty nice, since there was like no one sitting in the basement. I got some studying done but it didn't seem to be going to well. It felt like I didn't study too much. Oh well, I'll try again tomorrow.

Later on in the afternoon, Dustin called me. We decided to meet up and go get some soup. Well, I did since I was kinda hungry. On the way to Au bon pain, Lily decided to tag along since she saw us. We later met Jennifer there and we just sat and chilled while Lily was waiting for Michael Tan and his friends. Michael Tan and his friends did eventually come and we just sat there some more and chilled. I see Michael Tan again with that girl. LOL, it seems like their dating or something. Shes kinda cute. lol.

After leaving Lily with her friends, the three of us, Dustin, Jennifer and myself went to Jonathan's house to play some xbox 360. We played some Halo 3. After a few matches, we went to go to the ymca to ball. The ymca wasn't too pack today suprisingly. It was kinda strange actually. I did get to see a few of my buddies there but I was expecting more. Tony came by later and then we all went to go to Jennifer's house to chill. Well Tony had to do his physics homework so he did it there, while Jennifer, Jenny, Dustin and I were just chilling and playing gay chicken. It wasn't too bad. Pretty productive day today.

Oh did anyone catch the Celtics game today? I didn't get to see the whole game but I did catch the final minutes. CRAZY ending. Ray Allen with 2 seconds left, shot a 3 pointer to win the game! Oh man, I love NBA Playoff time! The NBA Playoffs, where AMAZING happens.

At Starbucks studying.
Sorry for a bad picture.


  1. haha damn all studying at starbuck, youre mad smart you damn bookworm! but it looks like youre vacation is going very well since your productive and not wasting anyday :] hope the rest goes well for you! :D

  2. lmao people were getting frustrated when they were trying to get by but the police wouldn't let them. well they should have known that it was the Boston Marathon today, eh?

    and lmao, were you listening to your Ipod while studying. tsk tsk

  3. listening to history notes fool

  4. WTHH!?!? history notes? LOLLLL you are wayy to college level buddy.