Sunday, April 19, 2009

DC Chillin. Pg Chillin.

I am finally in the mood to write about my weekend.

Lets talk about Friday first. The first half of school was fine. I was studying for my AP History test for most of the time. The second half of school was just dreadful. I had to stay in the science auditorium to do my practice AP History exam til 220. MAD GAY! After, I met up with Dustin and Kevin and from there we went to Jonathan's to meet up with Zhi and Tony. We went to Zhi's to get a basketball and we played some ball at peters. We went back to Zhi's to chill and went back to peters. When we went back to peters, it was hella crowded. So we stayed at peters until 7ish. Tony left with Jenny,Ni and My to go home and Me, Dustin and Kevin went to pick up Jennifer. Me, Dustin and Jennifer later came over to chill. We played Rockband, Wii, talked and watch television. Tony, Jenny and Kevin came a little bit later. After they came, Jennifer had to leave a bit after. After Jennifer left, me and Tony went around to pick up food, cups, redbull and do some stuff. When we came back, everyone was sleeping. They eventually did wake up. We chilled in the attic. Ate, drank a few beers, watched a few movies. Just chilled and relax. Everyone slept around 330. I stayed up until 430 playing xbox with Dustin.

Saturday morning wasn't too bad. Kevin left around 730ish to go home because he has work in the afternoon. Tony and Jenny left around 830ish to go volunteer. When they were gone, Dustin and I just chilled, cleaned and did whatever. We went to Brighton Cafe to get some pancakes, eggs and sausage. Tony and Jenny came back to pick up Dustin and they stayed for a bit to watch some of the game. When they left, I took a short nap and left to go play football with the guys. It was kind of weird because we were playing at the YMCA instead of QT. So, yeah kinda different but still fun. I wanted to go to borders but it was getting to late.

So today wasn't too bad. Woke up, took a shower and just watched some television. I couldn't watch ESPN because I didn't wanna hear anything basketball related. So I watched Disney channel instead. Yes, Disney channel. Cartoons FTW! After catching some toons, I had to recycle some cans for my brother. It was alot of can to recycle and we barely got anything. Only 12 dollars. Not cool. So after, he drove me to my SAT class. SAT class was friggen boring since there were only 5 people there. I guess people didn't get the memo or something.

Pretty much my whole weekend. Fun and relaxing! I wish the rest of the week would look like this. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like it would.

What the rest of the week looks like.

I should definitely join the recycle club :].

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  1. wow so much beer.. lol

    arent you feeling lonely now that your brothers are gone?

    im gonna study for the SATs too!