Thursday, April 23, 2009

on Vacation!

Vacation has been decent. The rain is definitely a bummer but you gotta live what you got. If that makes sense.

Yesterday, I went to the library once again. This time Dustin was there. He was tryna study for his SATS while I was trying to study for SATS, AP History and do AP English. Lets just say I didn't get it all done. I still have 3 more essays to finish for English. History, I still have a bunch of material to study but atleast I've been reviewing for my SATS. Jennfier asked me to pick up a book for her at the library. It took me a while to look for a particular book but oh well. After picking up the book, Dustin and I had to meet her up in Chinatown. Neither of us didn't have umbrellas so we were kinda wet. Fortunately when we met up with Jennifer, she gave us an umbrella. After dropping Jennifer off at the bank, Dustin and I went to the gym to meet up with the others and play volleyball. We all scrimmed for a bit then we all left to go to Zhi's. Well, first I went home then I went to Zhi's.It was pretty fun. Played some cards, drank a few shots, sang/rap a few songs and jsut chilled. The day wasn't too bad.

Today, I decided to stay home. I kinda wanted to go to Bodega's to get some stuff since they had 70% off today and tomorrow. I guess I'll go tomorrow. I also wanted to go to practice but I kinda got too lazy. So instead I stayed home the whole day. Tried to get some studying done but for some reason studying at home is harder than studying at the library. After studying for a bit, I watched Notorious. I saw a few commercials for the DVD release so I just thought that watching it would kill some time. It is kinda disappointing to see DVD releases come out pretty quick after their theater release. Well whatever. I actually kinda enjoyed the movie. I never really understood the East V.S West coast crap so it was kinda cool to see that. It was pretty sad to see both Tupac and Biggie die at the end but the directors are just doing their job. Yeah thats pretty much my whole day. Can't wait for the Bulls v Celtics game tonight. Game 3!

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  1. lmao always going to the library. but im surprised that Dustin went and he studied for SAT? omg i def need to