Thursday, April 2, 2009

What Up, What's happening

Whats up, Whats happening?
Reference to T.I's single Whats Up, Whats happening.

So nothing much is really happening to me lately. Same old usual stuff. School. Home. Study. Work. Yeah, pretty much the usual stuff. Have some time to play videogames and read lately. I've been reading Marvel Comic's Civil war and DC Comic's Justice League Tower of Babel, in school. Been playing alot of Pokemon Platinum whenever I have free time. School been alright lately. Suprisingly. I am kind of sick of AP US HISTORY but other than that it has been iight. Nah means? A lot of the kids in Spanish class and in Cisco Networking class were not in class this week due to MCAS. They will be returning tomorrow but I will not be seeing them since I have a field trip tomorrow. Yes, another field trip. This is like my 5th or 6th one this year? I'll be going to the college fair at the Regis Lewis Center in Roxbury,MA. I will not be gone for long but atleast I won't be in class like you suckas. So how have you guys been? Seems like I've been disconected lately. So Whats Up, Whats Happening?


  1. i thought that college fair thing was canceled..

  2. oo alright thats good, getting your game times now.

    i've been alright but i was kinda beasting as weak at practice wednesday, then today i got to like hit like 5 times during the game. stupid hoes blocked me 2 =/ but then i got points for the other 3 hits :] i might like it as weak but you know im always wanting that libero ;)