Friday, April 3, 2009

Free SWAG!

I had to go to college fair today, which means Free SWAG. Hell yeah. but this year I got crap. Not as many tees and not as many bags. Actually, I did not even get one of those sling bags. Kinda disapointed but I did get this nice tee from Microsoft. If you seen those Microsoft commercials, then you would think that these Tees are pretty cool. Oh I saw Lisa Phung there, I thought that was pretty cool.

After the college fair, I went to Ms.William's class to chill until second lunch. Went down to lunch and Zhi and Tony welcomed me to their lunch table. Thank god, cause I had no where else to sit. After lunch, I went to Ms.William's class to chill for a bit. She had me talked to her 9th grade class for a bit. Maybe cause I am a junior and tell them what to expect in the later years of High School. I eventually had to go back to class. So I decided to slowly go to history class. Wasted like 10-15 mins walking around the building then I went to AP U.S History. Class went by pretty fast, maybe because I wasnt in class for half the time. So after class, Triangle picked me up from school and we decided to eat at a Diner. We all got burgers. It was a nice meal.

Tony later on drove me home. At home, I had to do some errands for my brothers and grand mother and study for a bit. Took a short nap after studying and watched some anime. K-ON!, fansubbed is finally out. The reason I'm watching it is because the anime studio rocks! and its another muisc anime genre. Can't wait for FMA's to series to premire next week. :].

Tomorrow, I will not be home for most of the day so if you need reach me call or text me!

I'm a PC,sadly

FREE SWAG. Kinda dissapointed that there wasnt more shit.

Here the Microsoft commercials I was talking about earlier :

This girl is such a cutie.


  1. ha ha heyy Lawrence.
    nice blog :)
    I'm a bored and happy person

    my blog is closed off from everyone right now, but I'll put it up later

  2. oo thats coool, i like the shirt :]

  3. aww lol that video is cute but she def did not edit that picture herself. LOL

    nice shirt

  4. The very best girl doesn't like the very best guy...
    she just wants the very best.

    -Donna Joe Napoli

  5. Oh... I suppose you don't post on here and no one will EVER see my comment. Ha ha, so I can say whatever I want, right?